“Musicians of Tomorrow” are now recognized nationally and internationally having performed in several State Ceremonies, before the President of Israel, making appearances on Israeli Television, local concerts in Israel and have even participated in international competitions. Two of the children were awarded first prize in a prestigious international music competition which took place in Bulgaria, summer of 2008. Some of the children attended the Canetti International String festival of 2010 and have performed in the UK, Switzerland, Austria, Canada and elsewhere throughout the world.

Past and planned performances in Israel and abroad:


September – Toronto, Canada
August – Montreal, Canada: memorial concert in honor of the late Yaela Hertz.
July – Halle Germany Euro Arts Festival: Amit Amar and Barak Dan
May – Mount of Beatitudes, Israel: with visiting violin maker Matheo Matzoni
April – Bergen Belsen, Germany: Amit Amar played Chopin at ceremony marking 70 years to Allies victory
April – Shulamit’s Yard, Rosh Pina, Israel: with poetess Noga Markman
March – Shulamit’s Yard, Rosh Pina, Israel: female-only audience


• December – Shulamit’s Yard, Rosh Pina, Israel: Hanuka concert for all children and families
• November – Domus Galilaeae, Israel: with Chen Zimbalista
• November – Mount of Beatitudes, Israel
• October – Herzliya Pituach, Israel: home of Evelyn and Howard Ross
• July – Halle, Germany Euro Arts Festival: Amit Amar
• July – London, England: Ivy House, home of Israeli Ambassador, Wimbledon synagogue
• July – Leeds, England: Jewish Music Festival
• July – Manchester, England


vOctober – Domus Galilaeae, Israel: with Daniel Trifonoff
• August – Ben Shemen, Israel: pianists workshop
• June – Jerusalem Music Center, Jerusalem, Israel: chamber music concert
• May – Rosh Pina, Israel: Wine Festival
• May – Bar-David Museum for Arts, Kibutz Bar’am, Israel
• April – Herzliya Pituach, Israel
• March – Felijca Blumental Music Center, Tel Aviv, Israel: in memory of David Oistrakh
• March – Hertzliya Pituach, Israel


• October – Domus Galilaeae, Israel: with Boris Giltburg
• August – Jerusalem, Israel: Israel’s judges Conference
• August – Jerusalem Theater, Jerusalem, Israel
• August – International Convention Center, Jerusalem, Israel
• June – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
• June – Cinematheque, Rosh Pina, Israel: Travelers of Ramat Gan
• June – Yad Shitrit Library ,Tiberias, Israel
• June – Jerusalem, Israel: Members of Honor ceremony
• June – Cinema City, Ramat Ha’sharon, Israel
• May – Lichtenstein Palace, Vienna, Austria: Independence Day
• April – Holon Institute of Technology, Israel: TED Oscar Conference


• October – Dan Accadia hotel, Hertzliya, Israel: charity concer
• April – Montreal, Canada: Spring Festival


• Conference of the Galilee and Negev, Golan Festival, Israel
• Soloists concert with the Ra’anana Orchestra, Israel
• Eilat Festival for Classical Music, Eilat, Israel: conductor Maxim Vengerov
• President’s residence, Mr. Shimon Peres, Jerusalem, Israel


• Charity event, Geneva, Switzerland
• Musical competition, Russo Festival, Bulgaria
• March – Performance in Lincoln Hall, London, England

2007 – 2008

• 2008 – Festival in Astana, Kazakhstan
• 2008 – Orchestra concert conducted by Maxim Vengerov
• 2007 – The Sea of Galilee Festival concert

Event Calendar